For Authors

The procedure of publishing papers in the Studia Mundi – Economica on-line scientific journal

Preparation of paper submission

  1. Author(s) shall prepare the paper according to the format requirements (doc file). The file name should be the name of the corresponding author.
  2. Tables, figures, pictures should be saved in separate files as well in the appropriate format (xls, jpg, png files).
  3. Author(s) shall fill in and sign the author form. After signing the form, it should be scanned (pdf file).
  4. Author(s) shall fill in and sign the statement. After signing the statement, it should be scanned (pdf file).


  1. The abovementioned files should be sent to the e-mail address by the corresponding author.

Blind peer review process

  1. After having submitted the documents, the corresponding author is informed via e-mail whether all the necessary documents have been submitted or there are any documents missing.
  2. After the submission of the whole publication package, the blind peer reviewing procedure gets started.
  3. The corresponding author will get information about the review opinions via email.
  4. Based on the opinions of the two reviewers, the paper is suitable for publication without any modifications or the paper and the two review opinions are sent back via e-mail to the corresponding author for making the necessary changes.
  5. After doing the proposed modifications, the corresponding author should send the paper to the e-mail address. If the reviewers agree on the publication of the paper, it will be edited into the next issue of the journal.


  1. The corresponding author is informed in e-mail about the link of the latest issue and about the publication of his/her paper.
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