Analysis of consumption behavior related to local products and their online distribution

  • Zsolt Ádám Orbán 1
  • 1 PhD student, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Doctoral School of Economy and Regional Sciences

While the literature and the EU’s agricultural policy emphasize the role of local products and short supply chains (SSC), the market opportunities for small farmers are increasingly barren due to the price-depressing effect of large multinational firms, which can also be seen in local networks. The main goal of the paper was to examine how the local market as a classic form of the short supply chain can be characterized and whether its operation could be helped by modern solutions. The involved primary research has focused on the opinion of the farmers and costumers about Hungarian and local products in the Kecskemét micro region as a traditionally agricultural area. Using questionnaires and in-depth interview method the shopping habits and preferences of the costumers and the experience of the farmers concerning to local food and SSC were analyzed on the local market of the micro regional center in Kecskemét city. During the research there was a focus on the communication channels and the information flow between the producers and consumers. Based on the results the consumers consciously buy and prefer local agricultural products creating a good economical basis for local farmers. However there is a definite need for better communication and more information in SSC. Modern solutions and marketing channels (e.g. web shops, direct websites, Facebook profiles and other IT solutions) have been identified as key factors.

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pp. 156-167