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A piachelyek 21. századi vonzáskörzete - A Balaton Kiemelt Üdülőkörzet esettanulmánya

A termékek iránti kereslet-kínálat többféle értékesítési csatornán keresztül érvényesül. A piachely mint közvetlen értékesítési pont jelentősége az ellátásilánc-hosszában, a termelő és fogyasztó közötti kapcsolatrendszer megteremtésében, a változatos területhasználatban jelentkezik.

Impacts of globalization in the decision making process of agricultural enterprises

The study focuses on the impacts of globalization on the decision making process of choosing seeds in some of the Hungarian agricultural enterprises. First of all, we analyze the objective effects and their general consequences in the Hungarian agricultural sector. Then we concentrate on the typical “heuristics” in the decision making process when the owners choose seed products. Heuristics are used when people are in uncertain situations and they judge probability and frequency.


Studying direct sales channels used by primary producers at the bottom of the Mátra hills

The target of our research is to examine the supply channels of products produced and processed locally in the area at the bottom of the Mátra Hills. How results typical nationwide are also typical for this area which type of direct sales is mostly used here. In former studies market mainly traditional market is prior. The second most widespread way of sales is selling from the house or selling on-farm. For farms of producers selling this way is typical to produce several fruits and vegetables are small plant forms and that they do not employ outside workers.