Impacts of workplace cultural differences on innovation and economic growth in Europe

Cultural differences and innovativeness are multi-faceted social phenomenon with innumerable manifestations. Majority of studies have indicated the positive impact of culture. There are some research findings which concluded that culture has a negative impact mainly due to language barriers of diverse cultural workforce which led to low level of communication, in turn led to low level of innovation. Hence the impact of culture on innovation and economic development is debated. Innovation takes place as an art of exercises routed into cultural view points and attitudes.

Transformation toward e-learning: experience from the sudden shift to e-courses at COVID-19 time in Central European countries; Students’ satisfaction perspective

This study aims to evaluate transforming toward online-learning, concerning students’ satisfaction, social presence and students’ intention to continue with e-learning in Central European countries, taking the case of Hungarian higher education online courses during COVID- 19 measures.

This study finds that masters and undergraduate students’ satisfaction and social presence of online learning courses are neutral with little bias to be positive, also satisfaction has the key role in affecting student’s intention to continue with future online-learning.