Issues of trade integration between EU, CIS and Russia: influences of multilateral trade in agricultural commodities

  • Vasily Erokhin 1
  • Anna Ivolga 2
  • Marina Lescheva 3
  • 1 Associate professor, Department of Management and Marketing, Moscow University of Finance and Law
  • 2 Associate professor, Department of Tourism and Service, Stavropol State Agrarian University
  • 3 Professor, Department of Business Analysis and Audit, Stavropol State Agrarian University

Trade with agricultural products in last decades becomes more and more internationalized and globalized. A global trading system is now both freer and fairer than ever before and this will boost global prosperity and can make a significant contribution to the global economic development. Favorable conditions for development of international trade with agricultural products are caused by the trade liberalization, development of trade unions and free trade areas all over the world. The paper includes the overview of the WTO threats and opportunities for the Russian agriculture and trade with agricultural products in CIS and EU. This is also related to state support of agricultural production in Russia and CIS and its influence on volumes, directions, structure and effectiveness of bilateral CIS-EU trade with agricultural products.

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pp. 20-27