The territorial structure and the territorial policy in Vietnam in the 21st century

The paper aims to identify the characteristics of Vietnam's territorial structure including regional development trends, national development progress, and local development challenges. Then, it will exploit the territorial policy of the nation including the trajectory of territorial policy since the 1980s and the enforcement of these policies under local governments. It not only contributes a holistic perception on territorial structure but also supplies a historical review on regional development policy since Doimoi1 in Vietnam.

Rice market information transfer system (MITS) in the Mekong delta, Vietnam?

MITS had an important role in farmers’ production and trade. However, MITS in the Mekong delta, Vietnam was very weak. There were lacks of good sources and channels of market information, the market information was outdated, inaccurate and inadequate. In addition, farmers’ ability and knowledge to collect, analyze and use market information were also limited.