Using of lean tools in reverse logistics (leanverse logistics?)

  • Gábor Makány 1
  • 1 PhD student, Intstitute of Regional Economics and Rural Develeopment Kecskemét College, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Department of Economics and Social Sciences

Lots of manufacturer base their process planning on lean principles. A straight way of supply chain could use lean tools efficiently. What about reverse orientation of supply chains? Reverse logistics is one of the most remarkable pivot of reverse way supply chains. To form best and useable practices we may have should use proper lean tools. If it realizable at all...

In my paper I ask for those conditions, elements, parts which are responsible for a well working reverse supply chain based on lean tool using systems. Which are the future effects if we use the proper lean tools? What are the consequences of a reverse supply chain works without lean tools.

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pp. 107-112