Regional analysis of hungaricums in Europe

  • László Péli 1
  • Kitti Némedi Kollár 1
  • 1 assistant professor, Szent István University, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

A hungarikumok területi elemzése Európában

In the past years there have been many investigations aiming to analyse the timely issue of consumer behaviour related to Hungaricums, but a great extent of these have dealt only with the ones belonging to the agriculture and food economy. Hungaricums play an important role in strengthening the Hungarian national identity, in creating an attractive country-image and also in tying closer the nation together. The European Union have created a unified regulation system for the designated protection of national origin, by which it aims to keep the diversity of food. During the current research several segments of the Hungarian higher education was inquired about the image of Hungaricums. We concluded that, compared to Hungarian students, foreign students do not know the products/values belonging to the Collection of Hungaricums as well. The investigation proves that a more targeted national marketing and the increased appearance of the topic in daily life is needed. Also, it is important to mention that the Hungarian economy nowadays is in a difficult situation, since the basic functions of the countryside have been weakened. Among others, these problems may be solved by preserving traditions. The importance of rural traditions has decreased, therefore the role of initiatives aiming to improve community-organisation and individual responsibility, such as the Collection of Hungaricums and the Hungarian Repository of Values, is vital.

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pp. 125-133