Territorial disparities in Hungarian tourism 2003-2013

In recent years the demand to Hungary has been increasing, the domestic and international tourism is more significant. During our survey we examined how smooth the touristic performance in our country, which are the most visited settlement and what rural areas could/can benefit from the operation of tourism. We also considered it important to examine whether the economic role of tourism can be detected along with statistical data.

Tourist evaluation of Tokaj Wine Region

Despite being one of the most famous wine regions of Hungary, the Tokaj Wine Region is a disadvantaged, rural area. Those interested in tourism in the wine region consider tourism as a possibility, so they seek to develop it. In the development of the Tokaj Wine Region, it is also necessary to take consumer demands into account, so we considered it important to examine how the Hungarians see the situation of tourism and future chances of the wine region. In our opinion, the wine region can become an important destination of wine tourism in our country with complex developments.