resource management

The recognition of resource use through industrial development from a social perspective

Rural population is vulnerable partly for its lack of self-sufficiency. This recognition considerably varies from the way rural territories functioned more than 200 years ago. The peasant societies were well known about sustaining themselves. A major trigger for the disappearance of this pattern was industrialization. This paper explicitly reviews a social perspective of industrialism and provides a novel point of view regarding its overall recognition. The present study states that there was an incremental effect of relying on machines. People have lost their sense of practical skills.

Impact of fishery association management on fishery community

Tam Giang lagoon system has got an area size of around 22.100 ha; a length of 68 km along the coast of central Vietnam. In which, the animal system is abundant, including many kinds of shrimp, fish and crab. Vinh Giang is a commune which belongs to the Tam Giang lagoon system. It is a place, where fishing activities started long time ago and developed strong fishery culture. There are many fishery groups who use this resource, including fixed gears fishing, mobile gears fishing and aquaculture. The numbers of fishers are increasing; meanwhile the resource under harvest is limited.