Strategic rewards - a case based study

Talent has won ’The war for talent’. The war is caused by the continuously increasing demand-supply gap for skilled workforce. Consequently, organizations face difficulty in attracting and retaining talent. Talent market is highly dynamic, since new disciplines of knowledge and skills are continuously emerging due to explosive growth of knowledge. It is resulting in rapidly changing technology and preferences and priorities of workforce in the midst of shortages.

The impact of malaria disease on productivity of rural farmers in Osun state, Nigeria

In developing countries, the impact of malaria on human health, productivity and human development is well profound. It possesses serious challenge to the survival of several vulnerable poor, whose livelihood depends solely on agriculture. This study was carried out to examine the impact of malaria on the productivity of arable crop farmers and further estimate the cost implication of malaria (direct and Indirect) in rural Nigeria. Data were collected from a random sample of 91 crop farmers through the use of a well- structured questionnaire.