labour market

The reassessment of personal competencies in human resources management and in business-oriented higher education

The timeliness of our topic is proved by the fact that nowadays human resources play an indispensable part in the resource system of economic organizations. Our paper examines the personal competencies that play a vital role in corporate efficiency, competitiveness and success. Moreover, we also illustrate how this role has been changing in time. One of the objectives was to create and test a competency structure tailored to the Hungarian labour market situation.

The necessity of the regional employment policy

I assume that globalization and its regional and local impacts have an important role in nowadays' economics. Paradoxically, challenges arising from the unification of the world have made the necessity for regional and local answers stronger. The transformation of the labour market calls for the revaluation of the notion of labour; it puts the issue of employment in another perspective. The solution for globally existing lack of employment is more and more frequently sought focusing on sustainability and social inclusion at regional and local levels.