knowledge management

The role of career and knowledge management in retention

Rapid response to changing environmental challenges plays a crucial role in maintaining competitiveness. For HR, achieving employee loyalty is one of the essential tasks that can solve the difficulties of the labour shortage. Retaining key workers is a growing problem today while attracting the right talented workforce to the organisation is critical. Employee satisfaction influences the level of loyalty, with the necessary recognition and appreciation of the individual’s work, clear goals and expectations and the existence of a supportive organisational culture.

Why should mentoring still be an issue on the future labour market?

The participants of the future labour market are the present-day secondary school and university students. The question of knowledge-management has become a highlighted issue nowadays in the companies’ everyday life. Sharing of knowledge is necessary in the management practice of any competitive companies. Knowledge management has several forms and mentoring is one of them. The question may arise whether future jobs will require mentoring or automation will also solve this issue.