The role of universities in educational development in connection with digitalization and entrepreneurship in Hungary

Universities can promote the development of entrepreneurial skills and innovation including digital technologies and startup courses. The startups are the drivers of digital development in technological innovation and ICT (OECD 2017). The study attempts to discover that which cooperations are among universities, research institutions and enterprises in Hungary. It is important to examine that what steps have been taken to increase digital and entrepreneurial skills. I made expert interviews, and I carried out a national questionnaire survey involving university students.

Pension policy challenges and communication possibilities - empirical study of Hungarian university students

The most important question of our study is to find out what pension policy procedures are necessary to respond effectively to the challenges of an aging population as well as changes in the composition of employees. We examine the characteristics and communication practices of pension reforms in international literature (secondary research).The main issue of our paper is how pension policy can effectively respond to changes of demographical transition.

The innovative EU – the future of Europe

In this study, I am going to compare the current innovation performance of the European Union with that of its competitors and give guidance on how to promote the flow of knowledge in Europe thereby enhancing the efficiency of the R&D sector. These processes might be solutions to recover from the economic crisis and make progress in the 21st century.

The innovative warehouse activities of Gyermelyi Holding Plc. pasta factory

The aim of this study is to analyze the logistic processes of the innovative warehouse of Gyermelyi Holding Plc. and its effects on the company. If the logistic processes are built appropriately, then due to the decrease of expenses incurred, it improves the efficiency of the company’s operations. For the research, we are mainly concentrating on the scientific investigation of the amount of shipped products, the rate of pick-ups and the formation of the workforce fluctuation.