Motivations and attitudes to entrepreneurship in Hungary based on a 2015 examination

A country’s economic success depends on the profitability of its enterprises. Regarding entrepreneurship, however, opinions differ to a large extent. In addition to the social and economic conditions, the significance of entrepreneurship education is also dealt with in our paper. The primary objective is to give an insight into what it is like to be an entrepreneur in today’s Hungary. The key findings of students’ and entrepreneurs’ questionnaires directed at the necessary knowledge, competencies, skills and willingness to set up an enterprise are also presented.

The key to increasing competitiveness is investing into human resources

This paper focuses attention on the fact that the V4 (Visegrád) countries are not equally well prepared to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution because of the differences in the quality and skills of their human resources. On top of this they lag behind the more developed competitor countries in Western Europe in almost all major human indicators. Nine indicators describing human and knowledge characteristics are analyzed for the V4 and 5 developed countries.