economic development

A comparative analysis of the wheat value chains in Hungary & Turkey

Besides being a crucial component of human nutrition, wheat has been one of the strategic commodities in the world economy since ancient times. Self-sufficiency in staple food production considered being an advantage for a country, thus many countries try to improve crop production technologies as well as whole supply chains to achieve sustainability. The wheat sector became more competitive with globalization and increased number of bilateral free trade agreements.

Economic and social factors in Taiwan’s competitiveness with special focus on the Taiwan-EU trade relations

The main question of this study is the present and future challenges that influence Taiwan’s development and competitiveness. From among these traits the issue of the high exposition (especially in terms of FDI) and growing dependence on mainland China (the People’s Republic of China), the need for a shift in terms of the main drivers of the future economic development and to mitigate the risks of brain drain and social unrest.