The role of agriculture in local development through the example of Körösfő (Romania)

The role of the endogenous resources has been emphasized since a long time by the literature of territorial and rural development. In parallel the role of agriculture in local employment has decreased significantly for the last few decades. The Institute for Regional Economics and Rural Development (IRERD) of the Szent István University Gödöllő regularly makes researches in traditionally farming rural villages to analyze the possible role of agriculture besides such tendencies in local development strategies.

Impacts of globalization in the decision making process of agricultural enterprises

The study focuses on the impacts of globalization on the decision making process of choosing seeds in some of the Hungarian agricultural enterprises. First of all, we analyze the objective effects and their general consequences in the Hungarian agricultural sector. Then we concentrate on the typical “heuristics” in the decision making process when the owners choose seed products. Heuristics are used when people are in uncertain situations and they judge probability and frequency.