Logistical process analysis of a glass factory

  • Zsolt Glózer 1
  • Mónika Pónusz 2
  • 1 BSc Student, International Business School
  • 2 College Professor, Tomori Pál College

Our paper is about the Logistical Process Analysis of the Glass Factory. The reason why this topic has been chosen is because in today’s cost-sensitive world, enterprises need to participate in a strong market competition to keep operating and if those companies want to stay capable of living and make the highest profit possible, they need to overtake their competitors. The way for those firms to reduce their expenses is increasing the standards of services linked to their product and integrating, optimising them as much as possible. We had the objective of providing help to make the logistical processes of the company more efficient.

During our analyses and examinations, optimisation possibilities were mainly found in fields of stock management, storage and production, which are written about in details in our paper, including solution suggestions.

Our hypotheses proved to be true, after finishing our prior examinations and studies, using primary and secondary researches. Consequently, by adapting techniques in particular parts of logistics the found problems could be solved. However, if it comes to implementing our suggestions, it is to be considered that these are only theories at the moment. Hence, without any expertise, foresight is necessary to prevent possible difficulties and solve them.

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pp. 70-77