The adaptation possibilities of sustainable production system best practices to the Hungarian rural environment – Case study of an energy production business model

  • Bálint Horváth 1
  • 1 PhD student, Szent István University, Doctoral School of Managemenet and Business Administration

The current paper describes a business model that contributes to people’s self-sufficiency in the field of energy production. The current society is in a position to depend on decision makers and companies in terms of used energy resources and their prices. Though renewable energies have become popular lately, many people face obstacles in order to employ them. The aim of the research is to introduce a business model which answers this customer need and could be interpreted to different economic circumstances. The presented business model has been elaborated according to the recent Dutch business environment as a green entrepreneurial start-up. This study deliberately avoids the detailed description of the business plan and rather highlights the core concept based on business modelling principles. This form of demonstration equips future entrepreneurs to adapt the model to certain conditions. The main message of this article is the matching pain-gain relations of certain social groups. On one hand, the local communities seeking to go energy independent. On the other hand, people who would like to conduct impact investment.

Befoglaló szám: 
pp. 125-137