2015 Vol.2, No.1

Studia Mundi - Economica

HU ISSN 2415-9395
Volume 2, No.1
2015. július 06


Bejelöltelek a Facebookon – közösségen kívüli közösséginek lenni
Boda Márton Attila
pp. 1-10
Property right acquisition from an unentitled person in the new Czech Civil Code
Bohuslav Petr
pp. 11-20
Direct taxes in Slovakia and their impact on economy of companies operating in agriculture and food producing industry
Norbert Gyurián, Angelika Kútna
pp. 21-29
A new player in the field of financial affairs: the financial consumer
Árpád Gyuris
pp. 30-37
Az emberi fejlettségi index alakulása Románia Közép-Régiójában
Jánossy Zsuzsanna
pp. 38-52
Romania: still in crisis (?)
Zsuzsanna Jánossy
pp. 53-65
Studying direct sales channels used by primary producers at the bottom of the Mátra hills
János Janurik, Gábor Koncz
pp. 66-76
Development of companies operating logistics service centres by employing the results of network research
György Karmazin, Gergely Ulechla
pp. 77-84
The impact of malaria disease on productivity of rural farmers in Osun state, Nigeria
Ogunniyi Adebayo, Kehinde Olagunju, Adewuyi S.A.
pp. 85-93
Food security and GMOs
András Schlett, Judit Beke
pp. 94-102
Controlling activities in local municipalities
Zoltán Šeben
pp. 103-109
Orthodoxy and methodism as viewed by Russian teenagers
Szergej Glotov
pp. 110-114
Analysis of external environment of municipal strategic planning - Municipal and regional representations in Brussels
Ivett Tatárné Varga
pp. 115-124
Students’ readiness formation to the professional self-knowledge in the process of foreign language training
Zhanna Ilina
pp. 125-137