2014 Vol.1, No.1

Studia Mundi - Economica

HU ISSN 2415-9395
Volume 1, No.1
2014. december 12


Assessment on the implementation of woreda decentralization in Gambella People’s National Regional State, Ethiopia: the case of Abobo and Lare woredas
Tegegne Gebre-Egzhiaber, Abrham Gebreselassie Gebreyes
pp. 1-11
Radio programming for youth uptake in agriculture in Nyanza Region, Kenya
Andrew Kasera Okello
pp. 12-19
Issues of trade integration between EU, CIS and Russia: influences of multilateral trade in agricultural commodities
Vasily Erokhin, Anna Ivolga, Marina Lescheva
pp. 20-27
Impact of fishery association management on fishery community
Nguyen Van Chung
pp. 28-37
The analysis of market concentration in Hungarian tertiary education through enrolment data
Éva Réka Keresztes
pp. 38-46
Experiences of short courses offered for small farmers
József Kozári, Krisztina Tóth
pp. 47-51
The necessity of the regional employment policy
Katalin Lipták
pp. 52-60
Advising the ‘persuadable cluster’ of Hungarian companies on talent management
Csilla Czeglédi, Zsuzsanna Marosné Kuna, László Hajós
pp. 61-69
Youths and agribusiness development in Kenya
Martin Abwao
pp. 70-78
State of malnutrition and its fast growing wing in developing countries
Mulatu Arega
pp. 79-86
Evolution of cafeteria systems – past-present and future
Jenő Beke, Gyula László, Katalin Óhegyi, József Poór
pp. 87-97
Income inequality in low-income countries: reasons and fundamental solutions
Sanzharbek Mavlianov
pp. 98-102
Economic sustainability and methodological evaluation of air asset
Mahesh Kumar Singh, Miklós Vásáry, Zsolt Baranyai
pp. 103-108
Analysis the farm-level diversification and market position of the Hungarian organic products
Kinga Nagy-Pércsi, Virág Szabó
pp. 109-119
Adaptation of climate smart agriculture concept in Kazakhstan, pros and cons
Anna Viter
pp. 120-124
Employment conditions of the EU
Yaser Mueeth A Alkahtani
pp. 125-134