international trade

The role of local production systems in the establishment of sustainable consumer attitude

The present study elaborates on the importance of material flows in the context of local and global production systems. The theoretical part describes how population growth induced the need for global production and how it contributed to further welfare disparities. The research focuses on the socio-economic processes of globalization with a special consideration on resources. It states that business processes have grown over the importance of territorial affairs in the past 100-150 years.

Is the WTO over? Mega-regional/plurilateral free trade negotiations: perspectives of multilateralism in trade

Since WWII a very dynamic expansion of international trade has taken place – it is especially true for the period since the early 1980s. Many says that world trade has never been so free as nowadays, and 161 countries are taking place in multilateral trade talks under the umbrella of WTO. Nonetheless, recent two decades of WTO is far from being a success story – none of the WTO trade Rounds have been completed successfully: the Millennium Round had not even started in 1999, and the Doha Round (launched in November 2001) was officially suspended in the year 2006.