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Marketing opportunities of the Hungarian organic producers

The improvement of the organic farming is a basic aim of the national agricultural policy for years. The new CAP 2014-2020 also strengthen the central role of organic agriculture in the fight against climate change, the protection of the environment and the preservation of biodiversity. The organic farms are usually small scale enterprises so their development also relating to the improvement of the Short Food Supply Chains which is supported in the frame of the Rural Development Programme.

Analysis the farm-level diversification and market position of the Hungarian organic products

In Hungary 1560 farms were involved in the organic farming in 2012. According to the producers' list of the Hungarian Federation of Associations for Organic Farming, on which 1126 members were registered, Pest, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hajdú-Bihar and Bács-Kiskun counties counts most of the organic farmers. The supply of the organic farmers can be featured by various, diversified products.