Economic Development

The middle-income trap

Middle-income trap has become a very popular narrative to explain the fact, that while it is relatively “easy” to catch up from low to middle-income level, it has been very hard and rare to emerge from the middle-income status into a highly developed economy. The question is, how to escape this trap? why some countries have been successful although the great majority has failed?

Benefits and challenges of pastoralism system in Ethiopia

Pastoralism is an important livelihood system practice in most of the dryland areas of the globe. It is a source of income and way of livelihood for hundreds of millions of world population. This research aimed at explaining the benefits of pastoral system, identifying the main challenges the sector faced based on secondary data obtained from different official records such as FAO, CSA (Central Statistical Authority of Ethiopia) and published research article and government reports. Besides this, this research also tried to indicate the possible way outs.